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Xuzhou Jiupang Braiding Machinery Co., Ltd. is a braiding machine manufacturing enterprise, located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, registered capital of 5 million, with strong technical force and advanced equipment and scientific management, leading high-speed braiding machine weaving machinery, textile special equipment manufacturing, from the design, production, after-sales tracking one-stop service.

Xuzhou Jiupang Braiding Machinery Co., Ltd. is a braiding machine manufacturer, the company's main high-speed braiding machine, rope braiding machine, rope braiding machine, elastic braiding machine, clothing accessories braiding machine, 130 high-speed rope and cable, 16 spindle multi-head high-speed braiding machine. Conductive tape braiding machine, pipe braiding machine, cable high speed braiding machine, cable and twisted rope braiding machine. Products all over the country, some products are sold abroad, the product price is reasonable, warm service, won the majority of users praise and love.

In recent years, the high speed braiding machine factory has improved the overall manufacturing process of the braiding machine and has obtained the national certificate. The upper plate of the braiding machine uses nodular cast iron, which is 3-5 times the life of the original ordinary cast iron. Jiupang company adheres to the mission of "persevering in the production of knitting machines for the knitting industry", dares to innovate, forge ahead, pursues superiority, improves the overall manufacturing process of knitting machines, and strives to become an expert in knitting machine manufacturing.

The company has scientific and strict product quality inspection capabilities, all kinds of testing instruments, meters, perfect quality testing equipment and strict testing system, Jiupang company implements the production of spare parts and product inspection, strictly controls the quality testing of the processing process, ensures the rapid operation of each department, each employee, the whole process, and ensures the product factory pass rate.

Adhering to the product positioning of "superior, applicable and energy saving", the purpose of "product quality-oriented, service customer-oriented, sales integrity-oriented", the company is committed to providing advanced products and services for the majority of customers, the main high-speed braiding machine, braiding machine accessories and other products, providing special braiding machine design and manufacturing solutions.

The quality system of the company continues to improve, the quality of employees continues to improve, the scale continues to grow, in line with the business philosophy based on the domestic, facing the world and to make every customer satisfied, I hope my company's products can pave the way for your splendid future, more sincerely hope that new and old customers can continue to open up, friendly cooperation, on the occasion of my heartfelt thanks and good wishes to you! May our cooperation be long lasting!

Here, we warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our factory guidance, just talk!

The company's main products are:

9-57 spindle high speed vertical flat belt braiding machine, 8-120 spindle high speed round belt braiding machine, 8-120 spindle high speed wire braiding machine, 3-145 spindle ordinary flat belt braiding machine, 8-180 spindle ordinary round belt braiding machine, 3-53 spindle shoe straw braiding machine, multi-head wire winding machine, 4-10 head electronic high speed parallel machine, automatic single head, double head high speed parallel machine, a variety of self Braiding machine, shoelace manger, braiding machine accessories, spindle, yarn tube, buckle, wheel drop, etc. We can also design and manufacture special braiding machines according to customer requirements.


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